I Create Products People Love to Use

I am a Product Designer with a solid product management background and a deep understanding of all aspects of mobile and desktop software development. I firmly believe that User Centered Design is critical to success.

    My skills and expertise include:
  • User Research - Field studies, surveys, focus groups, labs
  • UX Design and Methods - Mobile, web, desktop, wire-framing, prototyping, Lean UX
  • Product Vision - Conception, branding, and strategy
  • Product Management - Agile practices
  • Business Management - Team Building, story telling, creative direction, public speaking, and product evangelism
    I primarily use the following tools:
  • Illustrator - Advanced level; Wire-framing, UI
  • Photoshop - Advanced level; comps, UI
  • Sketch - Advanced level; comps, UI
  • HTML / CSS -  Advanced level; PatternLab, SASS, prototyping
  • InVision - Prototyping

I will learn/use/do whatever needed to create the best solution for the problem at hand.

I can be reached via email or LinkedIn

I began my career in 1995 while attending design school in San Jose, California. My first gig was at Ray Dream, which became Fractal Design then Metacreations. During that time it was necessary for me to turn complex tasks into simple, intuitive tools and workflows. That was the beginning of a rewarding career in Software.

The design team. We specialize in "Food as Wearables" and "Randomized Object Placement". My primary role is finder of lost toys and all around good time.

Today, I bring a natural curiosity about people and the world around me to my work. I’m an observer and a builder. I thrive in a fast paced, highly collaborative environment, and my passion lies in software product design and the user experience.

I have years of successful management experience however, the most important function I have is that of a father. I am also an accomplished triathlete (Team USA 2010-2012), an avid cyclist, and I love classic cars. My personal interests and experiences positively influence my work ethic and passion for creativity.

I can be reached via email or LinkedIn